Telling His Story. Making History.

DSC_0037They say when life gets tough, what keeps us going is our faith in things to come. And in order to see the unseen, one must have true vision. Meet Jamaican born, singer-songwriter, Simon Mitchell, most infamously referred to by his stage name “Vision”. The name was inspired by Mitchell’s influential upbringing during his childhood stint as a member of his mother’s church choir. It was here that Vision decided that in all things life, he would be lead by faith and not by sight. Because of this mantra, following his musical transition to dance-hall, the international artist set out to create a promising new sound that he would later deem as “Roots Pop Reggae.”

But before there was Vision, there was Simon Alexander Mitchell. Born November 5 to a Jamaican mother and British-Jamaican father, Mitchell resided in England as a child while his father played professional soccer before later changing careers and moving Simon and his mother to Jamaica. It was here that the influence of the island’s strong musical culture would engulf Mitchell’s life and inspire him to become an artist. At the age of 12, the young boy was introduced to the piano, which he took to very well and would learn songs at a gifted pace. He’d soon realize his melodic knack for composing music. Fast-forward years later in which a football injury and a twist of fate would lead the former college athlete to a life of music.

Vision’s initial role in the industry was that of a songwriter. His intended plan was to become a ghostwriter for various Jamaican dancehall artists. By June 2010 the then-songwriter had the chance to exercise his penmanship for artist “Columbian” for a track entitled The Detonator Riddim. Later, Vision would continue to write various pieces, including “From a Place”, a song in which he had no real intention of keeping for himself. However, after receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback following his performance of the song, Vision then decided that some of his written pieces, although designed for others, were truly destined for him to sing and perform.

In January 2011, Vision was given the opportunity to open for singer Collie Buddz at the Play back Tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That was his first introduction to the states that would soon deem him a crossover artist on the rise and international sensation. Since then, Vision has been feverishly writing and performing music, including, but not limited to, Back it UpSo Wet and Seizing the Day.

Vision’s music is characterized by its versatile sound and most recognized by its raw, yet rhythmic, lyrical content. On the fast tempo track Rich and Free which could also be considered a life anthem for today’s eclectic party culture, the dancehall artist proudly proclaims “Once a man. Twice a child. Mi live my life rich and wild!”  We see a complete 180 on the track “Make Me” as Vision slows down the tempo and ups the bedroom ante while belting such raunchy lyrics as “Mi dun want no gyal lazy in the bed, she knows what it take to rise mi third leg!” It’s this range in musical artistry and character that has allowed for Vision to become vastly popular amongst listeners.

Vision is a strong talented force to be reckoned with; his writing ability and sound will soon deem him the inescapable honor of being a household name.  His love for God and his compassion for his family, friends and country constantly drives him. He is fueled by love, not by hate, and that kind of fuel never runs dry.
“Love yuh life, I’m going to take you on a journey…” -Vision.